About the RB Leaders

We believe that marriage is an institution set into existence by God. He has destined that each and every marital relationship succeed beyond even our wildest dreams. And though, that is what He has planned, often times as the years pass, disappointments, misunderstandings and failures can lead us to believe otherwise. We want to supply your marriage with a firm foundation of faith and understanding ~ even before it starts.

It is our extreme pleasure to offer you the assistance you need in creating the wedding of your dreams. We will be here for you as an answer to many questions, as a boost for the imagination, and as the support that you and your entire wedding party will need. It is our desire that your wedding day will be one that you cherish for eternity and we will do all that we can to insure that very thing.

Please keep in mind that we limit our services to Eagle Rock Church members, unless other considerations have been made. If you have been consistently attending Eagle Rock for the past 3 months or have completed or are currently involved in our New members class, we will be more than happy to provide our facility.