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Our focus is to help premarital relationships, married couples and families with new born to adult children. If you are dating, engaged, planning to marry, or just need to strengthen and revitalize your marriage we have some resources for you:


Journey to Oneness

This is a class explores the 6 stages of the relationship from singleness to marriage. How do we understand the biblical principle of ‘oneness’ and what is shared identity. This class enhances and defines with purpose ‘oneness’.


P.I.C.K. a Partner

(Pre-marital Interpersonal Choices and Knowledge)

A five session course about dating relationships and partner selection in an causal and understandable format.

At one time or another, we have thought about that old saying, "LOVE IS BLIND." You thought he or she was the cutest person you have ever seen, only to find out later that they thought so too. When your best friend forgave his or her partner the hundredth time for the SAME CRIME; Or, after your divorce, and after looking back with analytic contemplation, you finally saw the warning signals of the person you ended up marrying; Or, perhaps it occurred within the depths of your own soul when you had someone you really cared for break your trust. The accumulation of experiences like these lead you to wonder if you could ever...  FOLLOW YOUR HEART WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND.


Coach Training

The objective of marriage and parent coaching is to train and equip mature couples in the church to effectively minister to dating, engaged, married couples. It also addresses issues in traditional blended and single parent families. This is to increase our effectiveness in building and maintaining strong family. This program utilizes the Life In Motion Relationship Inventory.

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